Holistic Approach towards Empowerment of the DiGitalization of the Energy Ecosystem through adoption of IoT solutions

Welcome to HEDGE-IoT, an innovative EU-funded project at the forefront of digital transformation in the energy sector within the Horizon Europe programme! 
Our mission is to revolutionise energy systems by deploying IoT assets across different levels, from behind-the-meter to the TSO level, and infusing intelligence into the edge and cloud layers using advanced AI/ML tools. 
At HEDGE-IoT, we’re introducing a groundbreaking Digital Framework that bridges the cloud/edge continuum and introduces federated applications governed by advanced computational orchestration solutions. This framework will enhance the resilience of the grid, unlock untapped flexibility potential, and create new market opportunities. 
Our multi-dimensional approach encompasses pillars such as Technology Facilitator, Interoperability, Standardization, and Digital Energy Ecosystem Enabling, ensuring seamless communication, standardized data exchange, and the creation of a resilient ecosystem for increased integration of renewable energy sources. 
Join us as we shape the future of energy systems, foster inclusivity, and cultivate trust among stakeholders through ethical IoT practices. Together, we will drive scalability, replicability, and innovation, establishing connections with innovators and SMEs through our Open Call mechanism.

HEDGE-IoT in numbers


HEDGE-IoT consortium comprises 42 partners - large ICT companies, leading RTOs, SMEs, energy stakeholders, EU-level associations and legal & regulatory expers from 13 European countries.


The HEDGE-IoT Framework will be implemented, showcased and validated in a set of 6 diverse Large-Scale field Demonstrators in 6 European countries, featuring versatile geographic, climatic, regulatory and social conditions


HEDGE-IoT will allocate 1.700.000 EUR which will fund up to 30 Open Call projects offering new data-driven services and functionalities complementing the HEDGE-IoT Framework.


The Multi-dimensional framework of HEDGE-IoT is comprised of the following four pillars: 1) The Technology 
Facilitator Pillar 2) The Interoperability Pillar 3) The Standardisation Pillar 4) The Digital Energy Ecosystem Enabling Pillar