The Technical University of Cluj Napoca, one of the partners in the HEDGE-IoT project, has recently published a scientific article in the esteemed journal of Smart Cities. Their groundbreaking paper on Edge Offloading in Smart Grids offers valuable insights into revolutionising energy grids through cutting-edge technologies.

Delving into the complex landscape of energy grids and computational distribution architectures, the paper explores the intricacies of edge-fog-cloud models, computational orchestration, and smart-grid frameworks. It provides a comprehensive analysis of key factors influencing the offloading process, ranging from network performance to data processing and energy efficiency.

Highlights of the paper include:

  • Uncovering critical factors affecting offloading processes.
  • Insights into decision-making strategies for offloading in smart grids, with a focus on next-gen AI applications.
  • SWOT analysis to facilitate cost-benefit decisions in offloading strategies.

This publication marks a significant milestone in our journey towards smarter, more efficient energy grids. By shedding light on advanced offloading techniques, the Technical University of Cluj Napoca is paving the way for transformative changes in the energy sector.

Read the full paper here

As we continue to lead the way in IoT innovation and smart energy solutions, stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a sustainable and interconnected future.