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The HEDGE-IoT project has officially commenced its journey toward IoT innovation with a kick-off meeting held in Athens on January 24 & 25, 2024. This event brought together a consortium of 42 partner organisations from across 13 European countries, setting the stage for transformative developments in the realm of smart energy and digital twin technologies.

Hosted by EUROPEAN DYNAMICS, the project coordinator, the kick-off meeting served as a pivotal moment for partners to establish connections, exchange insights, and chart the course for collaborative efforts over the next 42 months. With a shared vision of revolutionising the European tech landscape, participants delved into the intricacies of the project’s work packages, objectives, and six pilot initiatives.

The agenda was brimming with presentations and discussions, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s scope and ambitions. From IoT advancements to the integration of digital twins, the meeting laid a solid foundation for driving impactful innovations across various domains.

As the HEDGE-IoT project gains momentum, it promises to redefine the future of technology in Europe. With a commitment to fostering smarter, interconnected ecosystems, the consortium is poised to spearhead groundbreaking advancements that will shape the digital landscape for years to come.

This kick-off meeting was just the beginning of an exciting journey toward a smarter, more interconnected future. Stay tuned for further updates as HEDGE-IoT continues to push the boundaries of innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a sustainable and connected world!

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