At HEDGE-IoT, our mission to advance smart energy solutions is strengthened by the invaluable contributions of our consortium partners. Today, we spotlight ICCS-EPU (Institute of Communication and Computer Systems – Electric Power Unit), a pivotal partner bringing extensive expertise and innovative solutions to our project.


ICCS-EPU acts as the Pilot Coordinator for the HEDGE-IoT project, ensuring the successful deployment of our outcomes in real-life pilot demonstrators. Additionally, they design and develop AI-based solutions for residential energy flexibility applications, aimed at managing and optimizing the flexibility capacity of households based on market signals. These efforts are integral to the Greek demo, showcasing ICCS-EPU’s commitment to innovative energy management.

Meet the Team

The ICCS-EPU team is composed of dedicated professionals whose combined expertise drives the project’s success.

  • Assistant Professor Vangelis Marinakis: ICCS EPU Team Leader
  • Dr. Vagelis Karakolis: R&D Software Engineer
  • George Korbakis: R&D Software Engineer
  • Nickie Gkolia: R&D Data Analytics Engineer
  • Fillipas Serepas: R&D Software Developer
  • Nikos Vourgidis: R&D Energy Engineer
  • Nikos Bellos: R&D Software Engineer
  • Assistant Professor Alexios Lekidis: R&D Senior Research Associate
  • Dr. Elissaios Sarmas: R&D Senior Research Associate
  • Nikos Dimitropoulos: R&D Project Manager – HEDGE-IoT Pilot Coordinator

Organisational Highlight

ICCS-EPU boasts substantial research experience and expertise in data analytics and software development for the energy and building sectors. Their contributions have yielded significant and high-impact scientific output, leveraging years of experience from their researchers to push the boundaries of innovation in energy management.

A Statement from ICCS-EPU

“HEDGE-IoT brings together a series of innovative concepts and technologies to provide key results in the ongoing energy transition. Research and close-to-market outcomes developed within HEDGE-IoT aim to majorly contribute to the implementation of the Digitalisation of Energy Action plan and advance the state of the art towards a digitalised, green, and resilient EU Energy System.”

ICCS-EPU’s involvement in the HEDGE-IoT project underscores the collaborative effort required to advance the digitalisation and green transition of the energy sector. Their expertise and innovative approach are instrumental in achieving the project’s goals and contributing to a more resilient and efficient energy system.

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